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Selectively social ambiverts

“Ambiverts are the people who accept the challenge to be the best of both”

An ambivert is a person who has a balance of extrovert and introvert features in their personality. Ambiverts are the people who are neither introverts nor extroverts. Ambiverts don’t like small talks, the small talks make them feel empty and they don’t feel comfortable. Ambiverts are selectively social. They make friends easily but they suck at maintaining the friendship with all of them. Actually, they are attention seekers as well as isolated souls. They enjoy reading positive attitude quotes as they are generally determined to work on themselves when in solitude.  They enjoy listening to people. When they are drained out after socializing, they like being alone.

Ambiverts have the advantage of adjusting to various situations by either playing the introvert card or the extrovert card. Ambiverts love interacting with people, but in a very purposeful way.  Ambiverts need time and space to process things on their own, but they also need people who they can trust to process things with externally. Ambiverts can be thought or action oriented, depending on the situation, but they are also oftentimes both. They are highly adaptable and can fit in and feel comfortable in many different situations. They are good at reading social cues and can tell when it might be necessary to adjust their approach based on the circumstances or the personality of the person with whom they are interacting.

Intro/extroversion is determined by how your brain reacts to dopamine.  So, ambivert means someone who displays a very balanced amount of introversion and extroversion. There are drawbacks to being an ambivert, according to The Wall Street Journal. If an ambivert gets stuck in an extroverted role (constantly surrounding themselves with people and spending very little time alone) or introverted role (lots of time in quiet, low key environments) for too long, they can feel bored or burnt out.

“There is no window to look outside.There is no window to look within.Open the doors.” 
                                                                                                                                         ― Sanhita Baruah


The quote rightly says that that we need to open the doors be it, the outside or inside but of course both function differently. It’s so good if we balance both things and go ahead in life with a deeper meaning and enjoy fully. We must be in a process of nurturing our own Souls by reading more and more inspirational quotes, self help books and mindfulness books.



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