About The Author:

Deeksha Arora, author of "A billion things to do" available at https://www.amazon.com/Billion-Things-Do-Deeksha-Arora/dp/1643249568and "Verses by a soul, for a soul" available at https://www.amazon.com/Verses-soul-Deeksha-Arora/dp/B07KWZTYTD is also a developer of an online contest website www.abillionthingstodo.com and a good content site www.abillionthingstodo.in. She is a very optimistic soul with great intuitive power. Her first publication has been reviewed as the most positive book by the readers and is getting a very good response. DEEKSHA ARORA writes quotes, poems, short stories, moral, self help and fiction. Her words have power, power of her prayers and blessings for everyone who reads them with an insight towards the soul enlightenment. The quotes written by the author are very motivating and uplifting. They are loved and admired by the readers for their healing power and positivity. The motivational blogs and purely organic contests for the mindfulness of the users are updated very frequently by author.

Born in 1983, Deeksha Arora grew up in Yamuna Nagar and Dehradun. She is a professional with Masters in Pharmacy. She worked as an Assistant Professor for a few years and set up a primary school chain for kids in Yamuna Nagar. She now lives in Panchkula with her adorable husband and three masterpieces, her winsome kids.