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“Everyone goes through their own hell”

It is a part of you as a good human being that you take an initiative to help those around you but not all are ready to help themselves through you or others around them. The people who are emotionally weak are already at a very low frequency of vibrations that they are not in a condition to listen or understand you. Since, their mind is not silent they are prone to do wrong things by the improper guidance of their own mind as they are unable to control their thoughts. To change ones thoughts its highly recommended to read inspirational quotes about life and mind.

Another solution could be to have a mentor in life, who touches your soul and the transformation begins. It becomes quite easy if you get a real mentor in your life run. If you happen to meet such people in life, who you think are going through their own hell, just pray silently for their betterment in your mind, send blessings and move forward. Don’t let anyone else’s chaos disturb your peace of mind.

Stay tuned to your higher self by working more and more on yourself for your authenticity. Let the people and situations not take your mind in a running square. Focus on your health, body, mind, thoughts and rest all falls in the queue. Always, remember that you can never change others but can definitely mark a change in your own self.

Live life fully by smiling at a stranger, singing, dancing, exercising and taking up any of your hobby as a passion. Read more motivational quotes about life and inspirational books. Aceept the people and situations around you and focus on your soul. Live soulfully. Always remember,

“God helps those who help themselves”

                                       -Bible verse




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