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The Purpose Of Life Is To Live

Life is a journey to experience, not a riddle to solve. It’s your life and your call how you want to live it. No one has a perfect life, it’s just a way of looking to it. Sometimes the world’s richest man who has everything doesn’t have a happening life. And some people have a bit less are much happier and satisfied with life. It just the way of looking towards your life. Be happy with what you have in
 life, and never complaint.

A happening life is only achieved when you are doing the tasks which give you cheer. Do the activities which make you feel alive. Adapt the hobbies you love, be nice to people, be helpful to others and spend time with people you love. These activities will make you feel more energetic and sparkling.

“Life is as good as your mindset”
   Having a positive mindset leads to a positive life and this will lead to a positive environment all around you.  One having positive thoughts will find happiness in difficult time phrases. And a person with negative thoughts will never feel happy even in good times. Positivity comes through how you admire situations in life. Exploring happiness even in the worst situations can be fruitful for your mind.

Time will never repeat, so this is what all you have, enjoy it. Before its too late, do whatever you want to do. Explore the world, travel the places you always wanted to visit. Enjoy every little moment of life because that is  not going to happen again. Doing right to others and forgiving people is bliss. Being faithful and caring is this cruel world is a strength. Adapt this strength within you and see how positive changes take place in your life.


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