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How are the things interconnected in life?

You know what, whenever something happens in life whether it is good or bad, by any person or due to some unavoidable situations, it is not the only thing that happens but there are a series of events that unite together with a change of attitudes of series of people around you. This is actually called the “SERIES FUNDA” by me.

Suddenly someone starts disliking you because the person who is close to your common link dislikes you. On the contrary, someone starts believing you as an inspiration because here the common link is highly inspired by you. It’s all the game of interconnections and mingled minds and vibes.

When I was very young, I liked the theorem of Mathematics,

If A is parallel to B and

B is parallel to C

Then, automatically A is parallel to C.

This is the thing I observed very closely and personally in my life especially in case of My Spiritual Master. My husband was very fond of our Guruji and automatically I observed the same bliss in my life and the special moments unfolded themselves. So, I urge you to read positive self-help material every now and then along with the inspirational quotes about life to keep yourself on track.

When we like someone, we believe very easily whatever they say, hence, the life becomes easier provided all the souls involved in the circle are pure and transparent. While if we encounter persons in the journey who are undercover haters and do everything to get their motive solved then the life turns into chaos. Again everything is interlinked. When we like someone we ignore their weakness and let go to move forward happily and merrily.

Whereas whenever due to some adverse reason, someone does a very painful thing like being distrustful or by cheating the other one, then all the mistakes you ignored for them plus a few more added ones are just blown out of many mouths which just turn the air around you. You still might be correct in your perspective but it no longer serves their purpose. So, never ignore the fact THE SERIES FUNDA is persistent in all fields of existence.

“Let’s understand the series funda and ride well our life coping Honda.”


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